Yvonne Parrila
Director Of Accounts

Yvonne serves as the Director of accounts for KDM. Ms. Parrilla is responsible for all of the accounting operations, constructing and implementing accounting policies and procedures for KDM. Ms. Parilla works closely with corporate management to produce detailed financial reporting. Ms. Parrilla  also supervises the external he year-end audits.

Donna Anticonna
Asset Management

Donna is responsible for the renovation and ongoing management of the Connecticut and Westchester area. Leveraging her knowledge and experience in property management, Ms. Anticonna skillfully oversees construction projects, ensuring that each project is completed on time and within budget. Ms Anticonna also implements streamlined systems for rent collection, building maintenance and tenant occupancy.

Julio Ramos 
Asset Management - Field operations

Mr. Ramos is the Director of Field Operations for KDM. Mr. Ramos plans, coordinates and executes the capital improvement projects for KDM's portfolio of properties. With an eye for detail and keen understanding of construction management, Mr. Ramos excels at providing strategic and tactical direction for KDM's construction projects. Mr. Ramos ’ years of experience in the field have afforded him a personal perspective of construction project management. Mr. Ramos  operated a successful construction company.  Previously he served as a Project/ Field Manager, with New Heights Associates in Manhattan.

Samuel Santana
Asset Management

Sam is responsible for the management of the Westchester properties.His knowledge and experience in property management, is extensive and has been an expert in union issues. 

Senior Man
Issac Goldstien

Management Team

Gerry Ziering